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Call 0208 485 7843 Direct 07495 981 390 Call the Professionals  for Expert Services TIRED OLD ROOF - ? We can save you money Protect  your Home Saving you Time Effort and Trouble If your roof is becoming  expensive Roof coatings  can save you money  And will add value  to your home Interior and Exterior - we provide a full surface preparation service and we only  use quality paints from well known manufacturers for years of trouble free service … We can also apply Wall coatings, Masonry paints  Woodwork, fence paints and more

• Visually a new roof  • Reduces Stress on roof structure • Resistant to weather and environmental  pollution • Protects against frost damage • Protects against moss fungi and lichens • Improves drainage • Less internal condensation • Colour blends patched roofs and extensions • Increase life of roof tiles • All standard roof tile colours available